New WhatsApp update allows you to chat with yourself without using group

So, have you ever managed to chat with yourself via WhatsApp, but without using a group where there's only you in there? If not, rest assured that the new update must be arriving on your phone.

How the new self-chat update will work

The new WhatsApp update allows you to send absolutely everything, as you normally do with other people. You will have the right to receive photos, videos, files, text and audio messages, emojis, etc. from yourself.

  1. And accessing the messaging system is very simple: look for yourself as if you were looking for someone else on the WhatsApp contact page.

  1. The first name you'll see - after the contacts that talk to you the most - will be yours (You - message yourself). Click to open the chat box and just get started and have fun.


The update was released last November 28th and will be available for both iOS and Android in a few weeks. Don't forget to keep your app up to date so you can have access to the new system as soon as it becomes available.


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